Durability and design make FASTPLANK™ a top choice in aluminum plank siding; but, what really makes the choice to use the product a simple one is the innovative clip system to streamline installation and ensure long-term appeal and function of the building product. 

  • FASTPLANK™ clips create a 3/8” air cavity to exceed advanced building code rainscreen requirements.

  • FASTPLANK™ clips Clip & Slide™ functionality speeds up installation.

  • FASTPLANK™ clips slide to where the most convenient stud or girt is accessible.

  • FASTPLANK™ clips prevent planks from buckling, eliminate fixed fasteners, and slide to allow for expansion and contraction.

  • FASTPLANK™ clips, attached to vertical backplates, create a consistent shadow-line for an aesthetically pleasing façade.

Watch this demonstration video on how simple and functional the FASTPLANK Snap & Slide clip system really is!